A new year a new blog.

I began blogging some time ago now and I have found the experience both encouraging and thought provoking.

I began blogging to sought out my views on religion. I had journeyed from a conservative Christian faith through a very liberal  period to Atheism. This was a long journey and my first blog contains much of my story and my changing views.

Looking back now I can see the anger and frustration working itself out in that blog. I don’t think that way any more. I do not harbour that anger any more. Time I think has healed much of the frustration and intemperance.

For the record I do not believe in any God/s. I also do not think it is possible for the all powerful God humans often talk of to actually exist. I do not think Jesus Christ actually lived on this earth, I think he is a powerful fictional figure that has resonated deeply within our culture at the most profound level.

All Holy books were written by humans and deserve no particular reverence or deference. All beliefs are ideas open for discussion and debate and non deserve special status.

All people deserve respect and as such their beliefs should be treated with courtesy. To ridicule a person is a sign of disrespect and a personal insult.

This new blog will be a place to discuss ideas concerning lots of different things that interest me or attract my attention.

For those interested :

My religious blog: http://waynus.blogspot.com

My food blog: http://myplace-foodwineandallthatgoeswithit.blogspot.com

My blog of ideas and views: https://waynewaynus.wordpress.com

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