Tech Notes



I am going to make this a regular feature of this blog. I am interested in technology and how people use it.

My background is varied. My brother and I started with a Vic 20 and manually coding games from a magazine. With no form of storage everything vanished when we switched the computer off.

Over the years I have had an Amiga, IBM AT clone, Apple II, Windows and osx computers. In terms of OS I use regularly OSx, win7, Linux(Mint &Ubantu), android and IOS 7. I have no firm allegiance and will buy the best tech and OS to get the job done at a reasonable price.

My FavoriteĀ Apps at the Moment:

* Wunderlist – I love this to do list which is so powerful and runs across ALL platforms. So handy at of course FREE!

* Symbaloo – Is my favorite start page by far. Forget bookmarks, this is so much easier. You set up on the site all of the links you use, you can have multiple pages which are tabbed so a start page and as many special purpose pages as you need. Once use log on everything is available at a touch from any browser on any platform. A bonus is you can access other peoples pages sharing useful links they have found. Price: FREE!


What apps do you use regularly?

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