The Binge


I feel I can blame my brother!

He started it and now I’m hooked.

I watched the ending of The Soprano’s on television but did not begin the show from the very beginning.

My very kind brother loaned me the DVD of the early series to catch up and I loved it so much I watched episode after episode back to back. From that point on I have become addicted to watching television in chunks.

I have seen

The Soprano’s

The Wire

Game of Thrones

Star Trek – Next Generation and Voyager

Game of Thrones


I have missed a few I guess but the point is made. Some shows seem so much better watched in this fashion without ad breaks. Given the nature of Australian television I’,m not alone in this transition. Three massive factors are contributing to this change:

1. The stubborn refusal of networks in Australia to show programs within a reasonable time frame, and our pay television’s ridiculous costing structure. The option most often taken is piracy. Given that we will be waiting or paying anyway why not simply buy the DVD?

2. Even when programs do make it to Australia the inability of networks to follow any schedule means following a program on free to air is next to impossible. The two most used strategies are the time shift/secret schedule, this means a change of timing not just week to week but a change in time from published viewing times even from the stations own online guide. The second is the idea of randomly showing repeats mixed with new episodes so there is no way to know in advance which will be shown when. Then just to mix it up we throw in unannounced double episodes.

3. Finally the fact that many hit shows either never make it to our shores or networks pull them from the schedule.

All in all the future of television is looking less than rosy for anything other than live sport. Just a few thoughts on television in 2014.

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