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Reflection 2019

A Reflection 2019 Funny being asked to write this because by myself I would not have thought to write something about my religious ideas. I was raised and was a very involved Presbyterian in Sydney. I was very much a … Continue reading

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As good a place as any

Of late I have been thinking of life, how short it is and what to do with it. Not so much feeling depressed as oddly melancholy of not really knowing or understanding the why? Not the big WHY, just all … Continue reading

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The Binge

I feel I can blame my brother! He started it and now I’m hooked. I watched the ending of The Soprano’s on television but did not begin the show from the very beginning. My very kind brother loaned me the … Continue reading

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Tech Notes

  I am going to make this a regular feature of this blog. I am interested in technology and how people use it. My background is varied. My brother and I started with a Vic 20 and manually coding games … Continue reading

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2013 The year in Review

At the end of every year we all wake up a little the worse for wear and maybe with a really long to do list of things we want to achieve in the new year. I would like to know … Continue reading

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A new year a new blog.

I began blogging some time ago now and I have found the experience both encouraging and thought provoking. I began blogging to sought out my views on religion. I had journeyed from a conservative Christian faith through a very liberal … Continue reading

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